Job title: Grounds Maintenance Officer
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Salary type: Annual
Salary: negotiable
Location: Camden
Job published: 10-07-2024
Job ID: 38096

Job Description


To monitoring the performance of the grounds maintenance contract by carrying out site

inspections, logging issues, raising problems with the contractor and checking that remedial action

has been taken.


1. Carry out monitoring visits to all sites covered by the grounds maintenance contract, both on

a scheduled basis and in response to complaints

2. To compile inspection reports on performance against the contract specification for each


3. To update IT systems with the outcome of inspections.

4. To raise issues of poor performance with the contractor and arrange for remedial action to

be carried out

5. To monitor and report on the effectiveness of remedial action

6. To raise default notices under the supervision of the Parks Service Manager.

7. To liaise with estates management colleagues, parks on open spaces colleagues, amenity

groups, friends groups, tenant and resident association on grounds maintenance issues and planned

improvement works.

8. To monitor the progress and effectiveness of planned improvement works.

9. To check the safety of sites during inspections and raise issues of public safety with the

contractor as a matter of urgency escalating serious public safety risks to the Park Service Manager.

Person Specification

Maintenance Officer

For this post we are looking for:

Skills and Attributes

1. Excellent knowledge of Information Technology Systems including outlook and experience of

using the Confirm system or willingness to learn.

2. Good understanding of horticulture including the identification of plants

3. Excellent customer service skills including the ability to handle difficult customers and


4. Excellent personal and service organisational skills, including work prioritisation,

5. Excellent communication skills, at all levels and across all forms

6. Experience of working in an outdoor environment in all weathers and in difficult conditions.

7. Ability to listen, effectively extract important information and communicate this onward

using different means.

8. Good negotiation skills and the ability to influence others.

9. Methodically approaches a large workload and ability to provide accurate work that meets

tight deadlines.

10. Is a team player and can create and maintain a positive attitude to the team, proven through

performance improvements and high morale.

11. Ability to create comprehensive, practical plans that meet business priorities and have a

noticeable outcome.

12. Willing to work evenings and weekends

Personal Style

1. Willingness to develop new skills and learn.

2. Strives for continuous service improvement.

3. Keenness towards continual personal development.

4. Tact and diplomacy when dealing with sensitive or difficult situations.

5. Self-motivated.

6. Takes pride in own appearance and workload, setting an example for others.

7. Actively builds positive relations with others and has the ability to resolve problems between

conflicting individuals.

8. Generates innovative ideas and practical solutions that can readily be implemented.

9. Demonstrable commitment to equal opportunities in employment and service delivery.